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Make yourself more powerful

When it’s time to buy equipment, ask yourself: how much power do I really want? Horsepower and torque, yes. But power is much bigger than that. How about the power to control your uptime? The power to get parts now. The power to withstand the world’s toughest job sites. Choose a KOHLER engine, and you'll learn what power really means. 

Dependable features like cyclonic air filters, forged-steel crankshafts and cast-iron cylinder liners mean these engines are built to last

Our engines are loaded with every ounce of power we can pack in. Horsepower, torque, we build our engines for the fight

Extra-large, high-torque-inertia drive starters and in-line fuel filters give you quick, easy starts 

One-tool-removal cylinder covers, dual oil fills and drains, and diagnostic software make for easy maintenance with less downtime


Industrial Diesel

The Future of Diesel Power
Tier 4 Final and No DPF

KOHLER® Diesel KDI engines – the Tier 4 Final game changers with no DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) – require less maintenance, less downtime. Which means more cash in your pocket. 


Engine Image

New KOHLER CH440DF engine

Kohler expands Command PRO engine lineup with the new dual-fuel engine

The CH440DF carbureted engine is designed to operate on gasoline or propane, offering users the ultimate in flexibility. Simply move a lever left or right to switch between fuels based on fuel levels, preference or task.This horizontal-shaft, single-cylinder, four-cycle engine is part of the KOHLER Command PRO lineup, which ranges between 4.5 and 14 horsepower gasoline engines designed to power a wide variety of tools on the jobsite, including: concrete saws, compactors, trowels, portable generators and larger products like power buggies.


Industrial engines


When construction sites are running all day, downtime is money. That’s why we build engines like the fuel-sipping Command PRO® EFI. They’re loaded with enough torque to tackle your toughest jobs. And, thanks to KOHLER EFI technology, they can save you serious cash on fuel.*


With KOHLER EFI, save big every year on fuel*

More reliable — no carburetor, no carburetor problems

Easy starting — starts like your car, turn the key and go

*Compared to a comparable KOHLER carbureted engine under comparable loads and duty cycles. Based on 600 hours of annual operation.
Long Haul

Built to Last for the Long Haul

Our Command PRO 7-14 hp engines feature Quad-Clean ™ four-stage cyclonic air filters to dependably to protect engines in tough, dirty conditions.



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