The Engines that Pay You Back

We know what you’re looking for: lower operating costs, more power and easy starts. Well, now you can have it all. Bottom line: KOHLER® engines are made for mowing. They start the first time, every time. They’re loaded with enough torque to tackle your toughest jobs. And, thanks to KOHLER EFI technology, they can save you serious cash on fuel.*


• With KOHLER EFI, save big every year on fuel*

• More reliable — no carburetor, no carburetor problems

• Easy starting — starts like your car, turn the key and go

*Compared to a comparable KOHLER carbureted engine under comparable loads and duty cycles. Based on 600 hours of annual operation.


Clean-Burning, Fuel-Saving, Heart-Pumping Propane Power.

KOHLER® Command PRO® propane engines are the cleaner burning, more fuel-efficient options that save you cash hour after hour, year after year. The new alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel and they're the eco engines of choice for commercial turf equipment.


  • Significant fuel savings
  • Reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions up to 50%*
  • Approved for use on Ozone Action Days 
  • Can help you win “green” contracts
*Compared to a comparable KOHLER carbureted gasoline engine under comparable loads and duty cycles.


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