Power from Sunup to Sundown For Almost 100 Years

Bring the renowned durability of KOHLER engines to your commercial equipment. Designed for easy upgrades, our full line of engines features drop-in specs that make repowering as simple as possible. And they’re backed by a network of distributors committed to providing the support you need.

Give Your Commercial Mower a New Life

Designed for repowering commercial mowers, KOHLER Confidant:

  • Features an optional heavy-duty air cleaner that stands up to tough mowing conditions
  • Is battle-tested to meet KOHLER Command PRO durability tests

Dependable Operation. Longer Run Times.

An affordable solution that doesn’t require modifications, KOHLER Command PRO®:

  • Features a Quad-Clean™ all-season four-stage cyclonic air filter to protect your engine in tough-and-dirty conditions
  • Protects from airborne contaminants that can easily clog traditional filters
  • Has a large-capacity fuel tank, which means more time working and less time filling 
  • Helps reduce fuel consumption with an electronic ignition and advanced combustion system design

Save Cash. And lots of It.

The Command PRO EFI engine gives you signficant savings on fuel* – to cut down your costs and extend runtimes up to 33%.†.

  • Command PRO EFI engines have no carburetor, which means no carburetor maintenance or replacement costs.
  • With best-in-class torque,** the Command PRO EFI 824 cc engine is built to take on the tall grass that other engines can't.

* Compared to a comparable KOHLER carbureted engine under comparable loads and duty cycles; based on 600 hours of annual operation. 
** Class defined as vertical-shaft, commercial 800 cc to 875 cc gasoline engines.
†Compared to a comparable KOHLER carbureted engine under comparable loads and duty cycles.