The Kohler Engine Virtual Booth is live!

Even in these period of great changes in the way we live and work, the will to provide excellent and innovative products and services has brought us to the creation of a new digital space: Kohler Virtual Booth.

It is a new way to serve and support OEMs remotely.
In fact, we are offering an authentic experience to those who want to deepen the knowledge about Kohler’s products through discussions, webinars and presentations.

The feelings while visiting Kohler Virtual Booth will be exactly the same as coming to Kohler booth at tradeshows.

The visitor will have the chance to stroll around the booth and find Kohler engines displayed with a series of technical information.

Morover, it will be easy to book a meeting with our expert salemen and product managers to discuss the latest developments and receive anwers to any question concerning Kohler’s products and services


Ready to start?