Kohler History

From Bathtubs to Generators

The name KOHLER is much more than six letters found on plumbing fixtures and power products. It's an experience that you feel. Whether you're relaxing at the spa, eating chocolates, riding your lawn mower, or watching TV while the rest of your block is without power, the feeling is the same. This feeling comes from Kohler Co.'s belief that people deserve to experience a higher quality of life, and we strive to bring that quality and convenience to all.


Many of us have encountered KOHLER plumbing products before. In fact, I brush my teeth over a KOHLER sink every day. But what most people don't know is that the Kohler Co. made its start by manufacturing farming replacement parts out of cast iron. Our most historical piece is, of course, the bathtub-Kohler Co.'s first plumbing product. We made our first bathtub in 1883 by coating a cast iron water trough with enamel, and it became the essence of cleanliness with an elegant design. Over time, more and more homes were filled with our fixtures, and the bathtub's popularity grew as it made personal hygiene more convenient and sophisticated for the average farmer.


However, life on the farm still had its limitations. In the early 1900's, electricity was fairly new and remote locations like farms and small towns had no access to such a thing. As a result, farmers had to use inefficient battery powered "electric plants," which were machines that could only create enough of a small charge to power a few light bulbs.


Even though they were ineffective, farmers had no other choice but to rely on those "electric plants" to help them work through the night. That was true until Kohler Co. found a way to help improve their lives.


In 1920, Kohler Co. developed the KOHLER Automatic Power and Light, and it was the first modern generator ever to be powered by a gasoline engine and generated almost 3.5 times more power than the battery-powered "electric plants" mentioned above. Having the ability to harness power gave farmers access to not just lights, but running water and electric appliances. It practically revolutionized the way people lived their daily lives, and Kohler Co.'s drive to provide gracious living remains the same to this day.


No matter the product, Kohler offers a high standard of quality and convenience that you can feel when experiencing any of our products or services. So, the next time you're relaxing at the spa, eating chocolates, riding your lawn mower, or watching TV while the rest of your block is without power, you'll understand why KOHLER is much more than just six letters.

December 17, 2020 6:18 AM

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