Why Can't I Get a Standby Generator Quote Online?

May 17, 2021 7:43 PM

A standby generator is an investment, so naturally you want to have as much information about the cost as possible. If you’re looking for quotes online and can’t seem to find a total cost estimate, there’s a reason.

Like with other home improvement projects, your Kohler Authorized Dealer can’t give you an accurate quote without an in-person or virtual consultation to learn more about your home. Here, we’ll talk about the variables that impact the price of a generator and why it’s necessary for a Kohler Authorized Dealer to examine your home and property in order to give you a more accurate quote.


Four Variables That Impact the Total Price of a Standby Generator

When it comes to buying a generator, most people believe the model and size are the only variables to consider. However, there are actually several other factors that impact the total cost of your generator, with size being one of the only aspects that's relatively consistent across the board. You can find MSRP information, which is the cost of the unit itself, for our generators on our website. Installation, an automatic transfer switch, and any accessories will add to the total cost.

Think of it like building a house. The materials cost a certain amount, but you still need to pay builders, electricians, and plumbers to construct the house.

While installing a standby generator isn’t as complicated as building a house, it is a complex process involving your home’s electrical and gas systems. For that reason, it’s imperative that a professional installs it.

With that said, let’s explore installation and the factors that make up the total cost of your standby generator.


1. Your Home’s Electrical System

In order to have a standby generator installed, your home’s electrical system must be up to date. While this is usually not a problem for most newer homes, older homes may need to have some electrical work done in order for their generator to be installed.

Since this varies from home to home, it’s critical for your Kohler Authorized Dealer to perform an in-person or virtual evaluation before giving you a quote.


2. Automatic Transfer Switch

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the component that allows the generator to turn on automatically when the power goes out. There are different kinds of ATS, and the option that is right for you will depend on your existing electrical system and the size of the generator you choose. You can find the MSRP of our automatic transfer switches on our website and your Kohler Authorized Dealer will provide guidance on the one that would be best for your home.


3. Your Current Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Supply

KOHLER® standby generators connect to your home’s natural gas system or liquid propane tank. If you currently use a natural gas service or a liquid propane tank, you’re ahead of the game! However, you will still want a professional to evaluate whether the existing gas service will meet the needs of your new standby generator or if an upgrade is in order.

If you don’t have an existing gas supply to the home, you will need to have natural gas service routed to your home or have a liquid propane tank installed. The size of the liquid propane tank you will need depends on the size of your home, the size of the generator, and the desired duration between tank refills. You may also decide whether you would like to have the tank buried or located above ground.

This is a common step in the process for many homeowners. Natural gas service or liquid propane tanks are professionally installed by the natural gas or liquid propane supplier of your choice, so the extra work is minimal for you. This expense varies greatly depending on your location and the size of the liquid propane tank you purchase. Your Kohler Authorized Dealer cannot provide a quote for this, but they may be able to refer you to local gas and propane companies.


4. Permits

Permits are typically required to install a standby generator, and prices vary based on location. There’s good news, though: your Kohler Authorized Dealer will take care of securing all necessary permits and the cost will be rolled into the cost of installation.


How to Get a KOHLER Standby Generator Quote

As you can see, there are quite a few factors unique to your home that impact the cost of your generator, from accessories to installation. The professional consultation process allows us to give you the most accurate quote possible, so you avoid costly surprises. When you’re ready to explore our backup power options, request your quote from a local Kohler Authorized Dealer.