Bad Weather Never Takes a Holiday

As a master pipefitter and master plumber, I get a lot of questions from homeowners who have lost heat in the middle of winter. Many times the heating equipment itself fails, but often it’s a severe winter storm that knocks out electrical power to the home. Once power is lost, the heating system may shut down as well.

When there’s no electricity, usually all a service technician can do is tell the homeowner to wait or get temporary power before anything can be done. This may take several days, and a home without heat in wintertime can cause big problems both financially and physically, not to mention all the stress involved!

Even in the summertime, you can easily be thrown into an emergency situation when you lose power due to severe summer storms. Just like winter heating issues, cooling your home during a heat wave can be just as difficult. If you lose your air conditioning or refrigeration, protecting frozen foods and caring for your family (especially the elderly) need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The common thread with weather emergencies is that a standby generator can help you through a severe weather event, no matter what time of year. When you have electricity, you have control.

**Warranty conditions only apply to North America.