When the Power Went Out in Pittsburgh

Natural disasters and severe weather have given people across the country a reason to protect their homes or businesses with backup power— especially after Superstorm Sandy, when millions of people were left without it. The effects of the storm were felt throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and in Pittsburgh, people braced for storms like Sandy and, fortunately, dodged the bullet.

Pittsburgh may not be known for bad weather, but we’re no strangers to heavy rain, snow, and the occasional tornado. Remember “Snowmageddon” in 2010? That blizzard dumped more than twenty inches of snow on our hills and valleys and knocked out power for more than a week in some areas.

Regardless of the cause, power outages are real inconveniences. But you can make any storm a better experience for your family by equipping your house with a home generator. As soon as the utility grid goes down, it only takes about ten seconds for a KOHLER home generator to restore power. And it doesn’t matter if you’re home or not, because the generator starts automatically and keeps power flowing.

Think of it as a security blanket. A home generator can protect your business by making sure your security systems are on. It keeps your family comfortable by powering the heat and air conditioning, which is especially important for children, pets, and the elderly. During the winter, a home generator protects your house by making sure the heat stays on, pipes don’t freeze and sump pumps continue working to prevent flooding.

A portable generator might power a radio and a grill for a few hours of tailgating, but a home generator is there for the long haul. When it comes down to it, folks who choose a permanently installed home generator are investing in long-term protection.

**Warranty conditions only apply to North America.