Powering Through the Hurricane Season

June 1 marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which serves as an important reminder to prepare for hurricanes and other severe weather events. Prevention is the key to keeping you and your family safe while mitigating costly damage to your home.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active on record with 29 named storms – this year is expected to be quite active as well.


Those who live along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Seaboard understand that hurricanes can pack a powerful punch. They can also leave power outages in their wake. Are you prepared to live without electricity for days or even weeks?


Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators, like those from Kohler, are fully automatic and are your best defense against a power outage. Automatic standby generators are installed outside a home similar to a central air conditioning unit and permanently connect to existing fuel lines within the home (propane or natural gas). When power is lost, an automatic standby generator turns on within seconds. Homeowners do not need to be present to operate or refuel the generator. Depending on the size, an automatic standby generator can power an entire home or several key circuits like lights, air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi and a refrigerator.

“With so many people continuing to work and school from home, losing power for an extended period can really set you back. Having reliable electricity is essential for our everyday lives,” says Ed Del Grande, a home improvement expert, contractor and author. “An automatic standby generator is like having your own personal power source connected to your home. You'll never have to worry about losing power again. Being prepared by installing an automatic standby generator will keep your family and home up and running during the storm."

New KOHLER generator installs 18 inches to a home

The team at Kohler Power is expanding its line of residential standby generators with new liquid-cooled units that install as close as 18 inches to a home, compared to the standard 5-foot clearance.


“Being able to safely install the new generator closer to a structure allows us to bring secure, standby power to homeowners who have smaller lots or want a more discreet installation,” says Jack Zbiegien, senior product manager for Kohler Power. “Locating the generator closer to the house structure gives homeowners the ability to blend the unit with exterior décor, much like we see air conditioner units within landscaped spaces.”


Power Outage Safety Tips

Kohler Power also offers a list of power outage safety tips to help you prepare for the hurricane season, as well as other weather events and circumstances that cause extended outages:

  • Tree Limbs – One of the biggest sources of damage to a home and the loss of electricity are fallen tree limbs. Hire a professional to trim branches away from your home and electrical lines.


  • Power Lines – If you see a downed power line, don’t touch it and immediately call your electric company.


  • Power Surge – Unplug electronics and appliances to avoid damage from a power surge. Consider purchasing a surge protector for your TV, computer and delicate electronics.


  • Portable Chargers – Pick up several portable chargers to keep cell phones, tablets and laptops running during a power outage.


  • Batteries – Ditch gas lanterns, candles and other items that can become a hazard. Consider battery-powered lanterns, flashlights, fans and other devices that run on standard-sized batteries. Keep a healthy supply of batteries on hand.

To learn more about the benefits of automatic standby generators, visit kohlergenerators.com

**Warranty conditions only apply to North America.