RDT ATS - 100-amp, CSA

RDT ATS - 100-amp, CSA

  • Starting at $765.00* MSRP
  • Model Number RDT-CFNC-0100A-QS7
  • Phase Single Phase

*Starting price in US dollars. Does not include installation, generator, accessories or costs to export outside the US.


It's the brains behind your generator system. The automatic transfer switch (ATS) continuously monitors the power coming from your utility. When the power goes out, the ATS automatically transfers power from the utility to your generator. When utility power is restored, the ATS turns off your generator and transfers back to power from the utility grid.

  • Automatically transfers power to your generator during an outage


  • Compatible with all KOHLER generators.
  • User-friendly LED display indicates performance status.
  • Ideal for adding generator to buildings with previously installed electrical.
  • Options available to install indoors or outdoors.
  • Available in service entrance models.
  • Provides quiet weekly exercise with complete system diagnostics.
  • Steel or aluminum enclosures available.
  • Ask your dealer about available accessories that let you customize your system.
  • 5-year, 2000-hour limited warranty.
  • 100-amp models available, with or without load centers; Volts: 240; Poles: 2
Model RDT-CFNC-0100A-QS7
Amps 100
Phase Single Phase
Voltage @ 60 Hz 240
Frequency 60 Hz
Wires 3
Poles 2
Transfer Switch Type Standard
Load Center w/o Load Center
Generator Compatibility All Single Phase KOHLER Residential/Small Business Generators
Load shedding Optional
Load Control Time Delay Yes
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Enclosure Type Indoor or Outdoor
Certifications/Listings UL ListedCSA Available
Controller MPAC 500
Position indicating LEDs Yes
Source available indicating LEDs Yes
Accessory board with audible alarm, input and output connections, 2-week exercise option, and 10 minute load control delay option Optional
External alarm module available for remote status indication and remote generator set start/stop Optional
Common / fault relay Yes
All-in-one main distribution panel and ATS No
Weight 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Dimensions 613 mm x 340 mm x 177 mm (24.1 in. x 13.4 in. x 7.0 in.)
Warranty 5-year limited
Country of Origin US
Price (Starting at MSRP) $765.00
**Warranty conditions only apply to North America.