HGTV Host Experiences Benefits of Backup Power Firsthand

John Colaneri, co-host of HGTV's Cousins Undercover recently moved into a new home with his wife outside of Jersey City, N.J. With his vast experience in construction and home improvement, Colaneri knew he needed certain resources at his home. One of those resources was a KOHLER standby generator.

"Growing up in this area, we lost power constantly as a family and for many hours because we didn't have a generator," Colaneri said. "When I built this house, one of the first things I knew I wanted to do was install a generator because of the severe weather in this area."

Halligan Electric, an authorized Kohler dealer in North Jersey, installed the generator at Colaneri's home. Shortly after the installation, he was able to experience firsthand the benefits of having a standby generator. During an episode of his show, Colaneri was doing a live Twitter chat with his fans when a thunderstorm ripped through the area, knocking out power for several hours.

"Everything went dark. There was no power in our home or on the street. Within three seconds of losing power though, everything came back on at once," Colaneri said. "We had power for the rest of night."

At first, Colaneri didn't know if it was his generator that turned the power back on or the circuit breaker. "I looked out my window and noticed that my neighbor still didn't have electricity and then I realized my generator must have kicked in immediately after losing power," Colaneri added. "It was so silent that I couldn't even hear it start up. I couldn't believe how quiet the generator was when running, it was amazing."

In addition to the generator's immediate response and quiet operation, Colaneri loves the OnCue Plus Generator Management System of KOHLER generators. As someone who is frequently traveling and away from home, the OnCue program comes in handy for Colaneri because it will send him performance updates and service alerts via text message. "I love that Kohler is making their generators more interactive," Colaneri commented. "I always know the generator is running smoothly without issues, so it's always ready for the next power outage."

With the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaching, Colaneri remembers the unimaginable damage that it brought to the New Jersey area. He recalls people being without power for up to three weeks and the extensive harm it did to their homes and family.

"Our weather keeps getting more diverse and extreme, so you need to be prepared. If you lose power, whether in the winter or summer, it does major harm to your home and family. Your food spoils, the pipes can burst, your basement could flood and it's very uncomfortable to be in your own home," Colaneri said. "A generator adds a security blanket to your home. You can comfortably stay at home, without having to venture out into the dangerous weather to find alternative shelter."

As an expert in home construction and renovation, Colaneri understands the importance of protecting your home and adding value to it. Although it costs money upfront, installing a standby generator will save you money in the long run when you factor in the cost of power outages to your home. Not only does it add security to your home, but according to Colaneri, it also adds value and is a big selling point.

"Our home is the biggest asset that we have and you have to take care of it," Colaneri commented. "People need to think about the issues that come with living in an area that has extreme weather and how they can prepare for it. A standby generator is a great tool to help."

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